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5 Great Books by Canadians – Round-Up

Hello all, this Thursday I thought I would do something different in lieu of the usual quote. For us Canadians yesterday was special because it was Remembrance Day. This is the day where we honour and celebrate our veterans, showing our support by wearing a red poppy. Sooooo in honour of all things Canadian I decided to do a round-up of 5 great books by Canadians.

Year of the Flood by Margaret Atwood

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I cannot sing the praises of this book enough. To start off it’s by the wonderful Margaret Atwood who always makes me proud to be Canadian with her wonderful writing. This is the second book in a speculative fiction trilogy. This particular novel is set in a future where the gap between the rich and poor is vast. Atwood creates a world where we’ve finally reached the point where resources are becoming more scarce and people more desperate. It’s a scary look into what society could become.

Fifth Business by Robertson Davies

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This classic novel is the first in the Deptford Trilogy. Fifth Business is a showing of how events that one person finds insignificant can change the course of another person’s life. It takes you from a small rural town to the first World War, to a boy’s school, to a trip to Europe to discover more about the lives of saints. This book is like talking to the most interesting grandpa EVER. Ramsey is a likeable character even with his flaws, and his obsession with saints and magic will keep you engaged.

A Fine Balance by Rohinton Mistry

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Okay, fair warning, do not read this book if you can’t handle tragedy and tears. There will be many times in A Fine Balance where you think the characters have finally caught a break, then some new terrible thing will happen. This novel is an in-depth look at the caste system in India, at poverty, at human suffering, but also at hope. Because if these characters can still find things to be hopeful about, anyone can.

Room by Emma Donoghue

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I reviewed Room a few weeks ago, and while I personally felt disappointed (got too hyped), I can’t deny that this is a great novel. To take the idea of a woman trapped in a shed with her son (who she gave birth to in the room), and have it be about more than the tragedy of that situation is a feat that deserves recognition. Room isn’t just about captivity in that shed, it’s about the boundaries and limits we impose on ourselves. Read the full review here.

Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Life by Brian Lee O’Malley

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Last but not least is a graphic novel. Yes, Scott Pilgrim is not just a great movie starring Canadian actor Michael Cera and not-Canadian but is in a lot of Canadian films actor Brie Larson (also in the movie adaptation of Room) who sings a cover of a song by Canadian band Metric… I had a point here… This comic is awesome. It’s full of tons of Canadian references and places, etc. It will make you excited to see Canada… or, at least, Toronto. It’s also just plain hilarious. There’re quite a few video game references but you don’t need to be a serious gamer to follow along.

What did you think of the books? Any you want to read? Do you have recommendations of your own? Let me know!

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