For those of you like to read things that are a bit more dark and twisty this is the thriller section. Likely murder will be involved. I struggle to think of any thrillers I’ve read without murder… not sure what that says about me

Every Secret Thing Review – Drinking Juice Boxes with Juveniles

I happened to be downtown for a bit after work, and as usual I gravitated towards the huge Indigo book store there. That’s where I saw “Every Secret Thing” nestled among a group of ‘if you like Gillian Flynn’ thriller… Continue Reading →

The Good Girl Review – Canned Beans in Cabins

The Good Girl is one in a slew of novels compared to Gillian Flynn’s books, and so of course I had to check it out myself. That and I heard a girl in the bookstore telling her friend that it… Continue Reading →

The Weight of Blood Review – Dumplings with the Danes

I could not wait to dive into The Weight of Blood. I happened to be out camping in Northern Ontario this past weekend, and spent the first night itching to start this book. I burned through The Good Girl (review… Continue Reading →

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