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#PimpMyBio 2017 – The Light Witch

#PimpMyBio is an optional blog hop hosted by Lana Pattinson. It’s a way for mentees to give a little preview into the work they’ll be submitting to #PitchWars. And for those of you that don’t know, PitchWars is an annual contest where generous mentors donate their time helping mentees spend two months getting their manuscripts…

Shutting Down My Shop – And bookish business

So I haven’t blogged in a lonngggg time. That isn’t to say that I’ve stopped reading and writing and loving books. But rather that I’ve lost a lot of time for blogging with moving to a new city, starting a new job, and becoming a homeowner. And something that’s definitely suffered is my bookish business….

How Blogging Got Me a Job IRL

Recently I’ve fallen off the book blogging scene a bit. That’s because I picked up and moved up north to start my new job. My job that I wouldn’t have without book blogging. Wait… what? To rewind, my boyfriend has been working up north for a year while I stayed in Toronto at the administrative…

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