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How I Fight Blogging Jealousy | Lunch-Time Librarian

How I Fight Blogging Jealousy

In the spirit of including more personal blog posts, I figured that today I would discuss something that comes up a lot in the blogging community. And that’s jealousy. I will admit, I run rampant with jealousy. The ‘I’ve only just started, things will pick up’ reasoning When I first started blogging it was easier…

Should you pay for a manuscript critique? | Lunch-Time Librarian

Should you pay for a manuscript critique?

Some of you may remember that for my January writing goals for the year I mentioned seeking professional editing help for my manuscript and just last week I updated you all on working with Manuscript Critique Services. And I promised a post on my experience so this will cover that. But I also want to discuss…

How I Learned To Stop Book Hoarding | Lunch-Time Librarian

How I Learned to Stop Book Hoarding

As a change of pace for this week, I decided to do a more personal post. If you follow me on Twitter it’s clear that I love my Kindle to death. In fact, I very rarely read print books these days. But of course, I wasn’t always like this, I used to have a huge…

World Building Questions for Writing | Lunch-Time Librarian

World Building Questions for Writing

Currently, I’m working on finishing up and editing the novel I wrote for NaNoWriMo 2015, and one of my big focuses has been world building. For me, one of the most enthralling components of any fantasy novel is the world building. How easy is it to picture this place? How realistic does it feel? The…

DIY Plexiglass Book Case | Lunch-Time Librarian

DIY Plexiglass Book Case – Bookish DIYs

Unless you’ve been hiding away in cyberspace somewhere, or otherwise aren’t particularly into YA novels, one of the new hot releases is Victoria Aveyard’s Glass Sword (I have a special post coming up for this on Sunday). Myself, along with God know how many other book lovers were scrambling to try and get an ARC…

Should you get an E-Reader | Lunch-Time Librarian

Should You Get An E-Reader? – An Infographic

It seems like since the e-reader has hit the market there’s been an ongoing battle of “which is better?” and “should I switch?”. Before bookworms everywhere come at me with pitchforks I’m going to say straight off, this isn’t a mission to have you throw your books away. Maybe that stack of magazines you’ve been…

Gift Guide for Book Lovers | Lunch-Time Librarian

Gift Guide for Book Lovers

It’s that time of year again! Where we all scramble about getting gifts for our friends and loved ones. This gift guide for book lovers is for anyone who has a book lover in their life, but they don’t know what to get them. Or for book lovers who may want ideas on which items to…

Unpopular Opinions Book Tag

Unpopular Opinions Book Tag

I had the fortune of being challenged to complete Unpopular Opinions Book Tag (originally from TheBookArcher) by Pages and Pineapples . And as I’m sure you’re realized by now, I’ve taken up the challenge. Okay… she never called it a challenge, but doesn’t challenge make things that much more exciting? Get ready to hear some opinions…

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