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Gift Guide for Book Lovers

It’s that time of year again! Where we all scramble about getting gifts for our friends and loved ones. This gift guide for book lovers is for anyone who has a book lover in their life, but they don’t know what to get them. Or for book lovers who may want ideas on which items to subtly drop hints about in conversation.

  1. Charging Dock – These charging docks are so beautiful! Most of the books on this Etsy page are collector edition covers with embossed designs and bright colours. Any book lover would be happy to stare at them loving every night. You can pick the cable for iPhone 4 models, or iPhone 5 and higher. It doesn’t say anything about Android, but I’m sure if you message the seller they’ll let you know. $71 CAD
  2. Book Scarf – Storiarts has all sorts of book scarves. These feature excerpts from the named novel and occasionally illustrations, which is the case for this vibrant green Peter Pan scarf. Most of the scarves are in black and white (or cream rather) and there’s a picture of the entire excerpt with the listing. $48 USD
  3. Library Stamp T-Shirt – Out of Print has lots of great looking book-themed t-shirts, but for those that like to show their book love a little more subtly, this shirt is perfect. Remember going to the library and seeing all the stamps on the date card? Or if you volunteered in a library like I did, do you remember being deliriously happy to stamp away like the little stamping machine you were? This shirt brings you back there! Available in grey, white and purple (other colours listed in ‘other styles’ section of the page). $28 USD
  4. Sirius Black Poster – Who can resist?? I certainly eyed a large framed version at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I wasn’t quite willing to shell out the $100+ for it, but the poster on this Etsy shop is incredibly affordable. You can get any fancy frame needed! 10 CAD
  5. Concrete House Bookends – Okay, I’ll admit, nowhere in this link does it say these are bookends, but they would obviously be great as bookends! Can’t you see these little holiday-themed concrete guys housing your books? Did you get it? Housing?  I’ll stop now. $30 CAD
  6. Book Clutch – For the book-loving fashionista in your life! Can’t you picture them walking down the street with this in their hands? I’m actually in love with this Red Riding Hood one, the colour combo is amazing. Measures about 8″ x 5″. If you feel crafty you can learn how to make your own book clutch. $80 CAD
  7. *Kindle Paperwhite – I cannot sing the praises of the Kindle enough. It is an amazing little device. Not only can you store a ton of eBooks on it, you can buy your books and get them instantly from Amazon. And unlike a traditional tablet, the battery lasts forevvverrrrrrr. I charge my Kindle once a month. I use it every single day.  And unless you’re constantly using the light because you’re nocturnal and only read in the dark, yours will last just as long. Also unlike a tablet, it’s super light. My iPad feels like a brick in my purse, I carry my Kindle with me at all times (so I can whip it out and read anywhere) and don’t even notice the weight. Most of all, I love it because if I finish a book, I can just start a new one right away! You don’t have to wait until you get to the bookstore! Paper books are wonderful, I would never say abandon them, but the Kindle is great for long trips where you don’t necessarily want to pack 20 books. Because obviously the point of a vacation is to sit on the beach and read endless with a drink in hand. Amiright? $139.99 CAD
  8. Pipe Shelf – Look at this beautiful, rustic, industrial pipe shelf! With its price tag this is certainly a shelf to splurge on, but think of how beautiful it would look filled with books and/or bookish knick knacks. If you’re handy and looking to save a few bucks, you can learn how to make your own pipe shelf. $69 CAD for 24″ wide shelf
  9. Hollow Book – So maybe this isn’t the most original gift, but oldies are goodies. Also how many times do you see people casually opening hollow books? Not often! So after the book lover in your life stops hyperventilating over the de-construction of a book, they’ll be delighted to stow their precious items inside. Or liquor. There’re a few people on Etsy selling these, but this particular seller seems to have the largest variety of books and they’re all beautiful. I mean, look at this copy of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods! You can also request custom orders. Or if you’re a creative type, you can learn how to make your own hollow book. $75 CAD
  10. Ampersand Ring – Annnnnndddd what better way to show book love is there than an understated ampersand ring? Not everyone who loves books wants to shout it from the rooftops, this ring is another subtle way of showing appreciation for the written word. $10 CAD
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Anything on this list that catches your eye? Let me know!

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