“The world has forgotten that there is more pleasure in wondering than knowing.”

– Leah Stewart ‘The New Neighbor’

Here’s The June Round-Up for Lunch-Time Librarian…

Reviews for the Month

Play Dead by Angela Marsons – 4 stars (adult crime thriller)

The Selection by Kiera Cass – 3 stars (young adult romance/dystopian)

The Elite by Kiera Cass – 3 stars (young adult romance/dystopian)


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Life Updates


I am still querying. As of right now, I’ve sent out 14 queries and have 3 rejections, and very recently 1 request for full MS, and 1 request for sample chapters. I also recently got a query critique through the #buydiversebooks Twitter initiative from NY Times Bestselling author Tamara Mataya who was AMAZINGLY helpful. My query feels about a million times stronger now that I got her help. And so I sent out two queries a couple days ago with that new letter to see how it fairs vs. the old one. I also participated in the #SFFpit Twitter pitch contest and got 3 likes! I wasn’t expecting anything after zeroing out in #PitMad, but I had much better luck this time. I was also in awe of how supportive other participants were and I got a few people praising my pitch and wishing me good luck. It was warm fuzzies all around. In July, I’m hoping to get into a first 10 pages critique group where a real live literary agent gives you critiques. Last month was Peter Knapp (aka one of my top agent choices) and so I’m hoping that I both get in and that he stays on as a mentor *fingers crossed*

Fitness…The Colour Run

I haven’t been fantastic about fitness this month. I did do the color run with my mom! But I’ve sort of been in a slumpy kind of mood and not so motivated. My mom’s friend and personal trainer gave us a plan to follow and so I’m excited to see how it goes. My legs have been sore since like Saturday so something is working. I’ll keep dreaming of having Serena Williams legs that I can use to crush cans. Yes. My fitness goal is to crusha can between my thighs. This is a legitimate goal.


financial report

All My Favourite Characters Are DeadThe shop now has tote bags and a brand spankin’ new Six of Crows themed line for June. This month I focused a lot more on advertising and getting the word out there which is reflected in my costs for the month. I’ll talk in more detail about shop things in the next Can You Monetize a Book Blog? series post next week Thursday.


Facebook Ads – $ 78.47

Twitter Ads – $ 0 (Twitter gave me $ 35 in free credits)

Reddit Ads – $ 39.51

RBC USD E-Savings Account – $ 0 (got rid of paid chequing, got free e-savings)

Hosting on Arvixe* – $ 9.31

Giveaway Shirt – $ 28.51

Buffer – $13.40

Shopify Fee – 44.13

Graphics – $ 0 (I used FreePix graphics this month)

Total Costs = $ 213.33


LT Librarian Apparel – $ 0

Total Revenue = $ 0

Profit* = $ -213.33

Profit since store opening = $ -565.81

*all values in CAD

I know everyone says you have to spend money to make money, but damn. As you may have noticed, I am still sitting at no sales. I don’t think I quite grasped how difficult it would be to make that first sale, especially since I’m not on an already populated site like Etsy or Society6. I can’t help but feel like Etsy screwed me big time when they rejected my outside manufacturer application. But on the flip side I want my website to succeed on its own. The advertising has been getting people to the store, but less successful with pushing actual purchases. So I’m thinking soon that I’ll do a giveaway to try and build some more steam.

If you liked this financial report I now have a series dedicated to bookish businesses: read Can You Monetize a Book Blog: Part 1 – Starting Out + May Financial Report and look out for the newest installment next week Thursday

Goals for Next Month

Last Month’s Goals Were:

  • Make a sale! Kind of important, I would at least like to break even… – NOPE hahaha. I actually saw a sale and got really excited. Then realized it was my giveaway winner and I didn’t actually make any money… speaking of giveaway winner, here she is in her shirt! It was so nice of her to share the picture with everyone. She’s also a fellow book blogger over at Lazy Day Lit

  • 400 Twitter followers – SO CLOSE. I was actually really busy this month so I didn’t have as much time to interact on Twitter as I would have liked to. And I kept missing chats, it was a mess.
  • Take at least 2 bookstagram pictures a week – Okay, I didn’t do this. But I did take a few bookstagram pics, like 3 which pretty much adds up to at least once a week. I also got my Half Blood Prints monthly stuff and so I have some props to work with now 🙂
  • Do product photos with me in them aka modeling for my biz – Again, busy. And then one excuse after another. My hair was really bad for a couple weeks so I didn’t want to do it. Then I was away for the weekend. And this past week I’ve had this giant stye on my eye  which is finally gone now. These are getting done this month for sure.
  • Read the entire Selection series. Like… all of them. – I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t finish The Heir. The MC made me want to gouge my eyes out and then go for hers next. I’m only 24, I don’t want to feel like I’m already a parent to a dramatic and selfish teenager. But on a happier note this freed me up to reach A Court of Thornes and Roses.

New Goals for this Month

  • Product photos for LT Librarian Apparel
  • Host a giveaway of some sort of swag and store stuff
  • Read a Victoria Schwab novel. For the love of God, so I can stop talking about how I need to and then never do it
  • Make a sale! Not ready to give up on that
  • Read a Liane Moriarty book, preferably the new one

How was your June? What goals did you complete or make?