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Kahlil Gibran Quote | Lunch-Time Librarian

Kahlil Gibran Quote – Thursday Quote Day

Happy Christmas Eve! This week I’ve got a Kahil Gibran quote for you. Tomorrow is Christmas Day and I’m sure you’ve all been generous with your gifts on Christmas. And now I’m here with a quote to make you feel badly about materialism… okay, not actually. We all know this day isn’t JUST about the presents if the millions of holidays movies haven’t drilled that message home already. It’s also great to remember that we can give in other ways too. Most years I get my mom some sort of expensive scarf that I ultimately end up stealing back at some point during the year. But I think she was happier when I put my keys on the key ring she put up instead of dropping them on the bench by the door. I’m pretty sure that’s what Gibran was talking about 

Holidays are stressful, there’s no doubt about it. “Nothing makes people meaner than Christmas” is an accurate quote. Thinking about ways you can positively impact the people around you is a great way to change that. It doesn’t even have to be a resolution of “wanting to be nicer” or “more appreciative”, this can be as simple as reminding yourself in the moment. Hold open that door, help your Mom with that bag, clean up a little more. And maybe we’ll all drop off once New Year’s fever dies down but here’s to hoping we won’t!

What will you ‘give of yourself’ this year? Let me know in the comments!

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