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Liane Moriart Quote | Lunch-Time Librarian

Liane Moriarty Quote – Thursday Quote Day

Looking for a good quote? I’ve got you covered! Every other Thursday I post a quote and add a blurb about my thoughts on the quote, and how it can relate to my life, and to the readers’ lives too! It’s an opportunity to discuss book quotes and how they can impact or reflect our daily lives. I would love to hear your thoughts!

 I finally had the genius/kind-of-obvious idea to use a quote from a book I recently reviewed. In this case, a Liane Moriarty quote from her book Big Little Lies. This is also the quote I used for the review featured image, because I’m kind of in love with it. When I was in university it seemed like every year I had a new grudge against someone to carry around. There’s so much work involved in actively disliking someone, and before you know it, they’re in your head and you’re thinking about them all the time. Eventually, time passed and I didn’t care as much, if at all, about those things. I spent more time being productive and even slept better!

When you’re busy holding a grudge, you can understand that things will be better if you let it go, but by that time you’re already attached to it. I laughed when I read this quote because I thought “yes! let her be bitter and immature if she wants to!” Maybe I’m crazy, but I think taking the time to soak in your negative thoughts and emotions for a bit makes it easier to be positive later. It’s like crying after watching a sad movie, later on you feel better. If you didn’t sob for awhile you’d be alright, but it wouldn’t feel as cathartic. Sometimes it even feels like the more people tell you to think positive, the more you feel like being negative. Negativity isn’t great, but being positive all the time is impossible! For me, taking time to wallow made me happier about moving on from those feelings and becoming more positive later.

Which is better? Taking time to “enjoy” and hold on to a grudge, or letting it go right away?

Let me know what you think in the comments!

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