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Margaret Atwood Quote | Lunch-Time Librarian

Margaret Atwood Quote – Thursday Quote Day

I’ve decided to follow through with another Canadian-themed post, this time it’s a quote from Margaret Atwood’s Year of the Flood. If you read last week’s Thursday post you may remember that I listed it as one of the 5 Great Books by Canadians. I find that this quote is not only drawing attention to taking life for granted, but also suggests that by doing so we’re missing out on what’s here for us right now. That being said, in light of the recent tragedies in Paris I’m sure that many of us are taking more time to appreciate our own lives and the world around us. Without getting too political, hopefully our nations can come together to work towards making people feel safe in their homes, and welcome in their neighborhoods. Certainly this Parisian dad is doing his part.

On a less somber note, for those of you who may be holed up in your homes furiously writing for NaNoWriMo or otherwise burying yourself in a great book (I’ve been spending some time with Ruin and Rising myself) try to take some time to enjoy your surroundings. I wouldn’t pull you away from a good book, but maybe go to a quiet coffee-shop, or the library, or outside for those of you in warmer climates. I get a little nutty myself if I’m in the same place for too long…

How does the quote apply to your life? Let me know in the comments!

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