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May Round-Up + Gretchen Rubin Quote | Lunch-Time Librarian

May Round-Up + Gretchen Rubin Quote

“Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I fail, but every day is a clean slate and a fresh opportunity”

– Gretchen Rubin ‘The Happiness Project’

This has kind of been a crazy month guys, a lot of things went down. I opened my very first business the LT Librarian Apparel shop for bookish and book-themed clothing. I finished my novel that I’ve been working on since NaNoWriMo and have started to query for a literary agent. And I finally got extremely close to my goal of running 5k in 30 minutes. Anddddd I got a brand new car, very scary, but also very exciting. As such, due to all the big changes and accomplishments, I thought I would pick an uplifting quote for this month. Failure is inevitable, but the way I see it so is success. It just takes a lot longer and a lot more hard work to get to that success point, and you can’t always reach it. But what’s most important is to take a new day as a new opportunity and keep going. Maybe you have a review that flopped or a giveaway that didn’t bring in as many followers as you would have liked. But then maybe you finally got around to a book that’s been on your shelf forever or came up with an amazing idea for a post series. As long as you keep at it, I sincerely believe that you’ll start to value your success a lot more than any failures you had getting there.

Here’s The May Round-Up for Lunch-Time Librarian…

Reviews for the Month

The Girl in the Ice by Robert Bryndza – 5 stars (adult thriller)

The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty – 5 stars (adult mystery)

Me Before You by Jojo Moyes – 5 stars (adult/new adult contemporary)

The Wrath & The Dawn by Reneé Ahdieh- 4 stars (young adult fantasy)

The Rose & The Dagger by Reneé Ahdieh – 3 stars (young adult fantasy)

Top Posts

58 Thoughts While Reading The Wrath and The Dawn | Lunch-Time Librarian

I share all the thoughts I had while I read through Reneé Ahdieh’s The Wrath & The Dawn

Top Ten Tuesday | Lunch-Time Librarian

I discuss five non-book blogs that I follow religiously. Includes home decor, food, lifestyle and DIY blogs

Me Before You Book Review | Lunch-Time Librarian

My cry-book of May. I talk about what I thought of Me Before You. PS I also got my copy of the book signed by her this month



Cait @ PaperFury celebrated her 5th Blogversary this month! – Isn’t that crazy to imagine? Makes me feel like a blogging baby. To celebrate she’s hosting a giveaway where you can find all sorts of bookish prizes including your choice of any LT Librarian Apparel shirt or tank top. Head over to join in!

Beth @ The Quite People shared 50 Ideas for Interesting Posts – Yes, you read that right, 50! She has a lot of great ideas here, so if you’re a newer blogger or just stretched for ideas then I would head over and see her ideas. There’s one that involves food also if that’s motivation for you.

Jaime @ The Perpetual Page Turner talked about what it feels like to Read A Classic for the First Time in Forever – I really loved this post because it’s such a change of pace to go from commercial fiction to a classic. It’s a totally different feel and I could relate to what she talked about.

Molly @ Molly’s Book Nook told us about her experience at Yall West – I haven’t gotten to go to any conferences so I love these posts. Molly talks about waiting in lines, meeting other bloggers, and the support of parents that come out with their children.

Lisa @ Lost in Literature gave us a full unboxing of Owlcrate’s April Dystopia Box – I keep seeing and hearing about Owl Crate and wondering more about the contents. Lisa breaks down all the items in the box AND where they came from which I was beyond grateful for. Owl Crate is out of my price range but I did sign up for a subscription box with HalfBlood Prints and am eagerly anticipating my box

Sanovia @ Creatyve Books discussed the HIGHLY controversial American Terrorist book on #FuckThisBookFriday – this blew up on my Twitter feed on the weekend. This upcoming novel was posted on GoodReads and many people are not only offended but are hurt and devasted that this sort of novel is being published

Life Updates

Etsy Shopify Shop…

Lunch-Time Librarian Apparel

Originally, I had planned to have my shop on Etsy but got tripped up by a little thing called an outside manufacturing application. I have a company in the US that prints the designs on my shirt on a per order basis and ships them for me. Whenever you do this on Etsy you need to get their permission to do so, and I did not. Etsy also does not tell you why they reject your application and state this explicitly in their email to you. So I’m donso with Etsy.

Buuuttt the shop is now open! If you’re interested in bookish and book-themed shirts then I would definitely check it out. Anndd for those of you worried about high shipping costs, shipping to the US is only $2 and to Canada only $5 for a shirt/tank top. You can click on a shirt to go to its page OR click on the logo to go to the shop site OR click on the “shop @ LT Librarian Apparel” link in the navigation.

Yound Wild & Well-Read Tank Top Harry Potter Character Names T-Shirt Red Queen Character Sass T-shirt


I finished my book! When I sat down on the first of November to write my NaNoWriMo book I never imagined coming this far. I won NaNo with 50,000 words. Now after months of writing, editing, rewriting, and getting feedback from all 3 of my amazing beta readers + one paid editor, I’m finally finished at 100, 000 words. 102, 000 words if you really want to split hairs. I’m so excited to be done and I’ve already sent off my first round of query letters to agents. So for the next few weeks, I’ll be sitting on the edge of my seat and hoping one of them gets back to me. Because if they don’t it’s back to the drawing board. I know rejection is a big part of writing but part of me hopes I can scoot along without it.


I am currently training for a 5k run, The Colour Run Toronto specifically if you’re interested, so I’ve been running three times a week with my mom. I also recently got one of these fancy FlipBelts to carry my phone in. I will say that it immediately rode up, but I have a big butt and a small waist so I’m not terribly surprised. It kind of feels worth it for that gorgeous colour. And it matches my FitBit so I kind of feel like I need it. In any case, we’ve been using the Couch to 5k app which I have to say is really effective. I mean, we both went from barely being able to run for 3 minutes straight to now running for a full 30 minutes in roughly 7 weeks, running 3 times a week. And my last run I was able to make it 4.99k in 30 minutes! Which is 0.01k away from my goal! I’d been hoping to see more of a difference in the size of my legs, but I’ve lost maybe 1/2 an inch only, but like 6.5″ off my waist. The pitfalls of the pear shape  I’m going to do the Blogilates June calendar in combination with the running so hopefully that will make more of a difference.

Flip Belt in Aqua

financial report

What I’ve always loved and appreciated on blogs with businesses is the sharing of their financial report. Most obviously because if you’re thinking about your own business it gives a realistic account of how lucrative that business is, and all the costs associated with doing business.  But what I couldn’t help but notice is that people don’t post their financial stats until after their business is already wildly successful. And so in the spirit of transparency and to help myself keep track of business gains and losses and decide what’s working for me and what isn’t. And hopefully, this will also give you an idea of costs if you’re thinking of starting a bookish clothing business yourself.


Website hosting – $ 9.26

Buffer – $ 12.90

Simple Share Buttons – $ 12.92

Short Pixel Bulk Image Optimizer – $ 13.18

Iron-On Shirt Labels + Sticker Giveaways – $ 71.57

Business Cards – $ 28.99

Sample Shirts/Tanks – $ 72.57

Graphics – $ 36.83

Graphics Commercial License – $ 31.71

Fonts – $ 6.66

Shopify Membership – $ 43.90

Royal Bank of Canada Chequing Account – $11.99

Total Costs = $ 352.48


LT Librarian Apparel – $ 0

Total Revenue = $ 0

Profit* = $ -352.48

*all values in CAD

This isn’t unexpected. I opened my shop last Thursday so I did not expect to suddenly have a giant influx of sales, especially since I ended up using Shopify instead of Etsy. But I also won’t pretend that this number doesn’t terrify me. The Shopify membership price was listed in USD (despite them being a Canadian company) and they charged me tax on top of it so it went from me thinking it would be $29 a month to actually being $43 a month which is a big jump. But, a lot of these are start-up costs that I won’t be making next month. Either way, I’m determined not to give up! I have to at least give this six months before I consider throwing in the towel.

If you liked this financial report I now have a series dedicated to bookish businesses: read Can You Monetize a Book Blog: Part 1 – Starting Out + May Financial Report

Goals for Next Month

Last Month’s Goals Were:

  • 200 Twitter followers – I did it! I feel this was due in large part to my participation in Cait’s Blogversary giveaway and engaging more in starting conversations with people vs. just liking their tweets
  • Review an ARC – NOPE. I got approved for one, but they don’t allow you to view it on Kindle? And so I was like ‘fuck that’ and didn’t bother #sorrynotsorry
  • Take at least 20 pictures for Bookstagram – uhhhh yea… this didn’t quite happen and it’s entirely my own fault. I don’t buy paper books. I just don’t. And I’ve yet to get out to the library and got lazy etc. etc. excuse excuse. I’m hoping to do better in June
  • Finish my damn MS – I DID IT! I started querying even, so I feel pretty good
  • Do a Twitter Pitch Contest once I have that MS done – I only just finished so I haven’t gotten on to a Twitter Pitch contest

New Goals for this Month

  • Make a sale! Kind of important, I would at least like to break even…
  • 400 Twitter followers
  • Take at least 2 bookstagram pictures a week
  • Do product photos with me in them aka modeling for my biz
  • Read the entire Selection series. Like… all of them.

What do you like of financial reports? Like? Dislike? What are you reading/blogging/writing goals for June?

Let me know in the comments!


  • Helena Reads

    June 9, 2016 at 3:47 PM

    WOW, I love this a lot. Its very detailed. Hopefully, ppl will understand on much it goes into having a shop. I don’t think many do. We only really get 20% if that from certain shops. But I love your goals as well. It’s good to set them 🙂 You’re doing great with everything. Hope you reach this month’s. Thank you for stopping by my blog. It means a lot to me. xoxo

    • ltlibrarian

      June 9, 2016 at 3:59 PM

      I’m happy you like it! I hope so too. And I fully agree that it can be really difficult for people to understand how much goes into it. And because I didn’t make any sales this month it doesn’t even include the fees that places like Etsy, Shopify, Society6, etc. can take from you.

      Thank YOU for stopping by 🙂

  • Briana @ Pages Unbound

    June 3, 2016 at 12:12 AM

    Oh, wow! The financial report is so helpful! I was talking with another blogger recently about how much the community has been talking about “making money from blogging” yet also how opaque we are. I have absolutely no idea whether any of the bloggers I follow who have shops, editing services, etc. are actually making what I would consider a “worthwhile” amount of money. This type of information would be so useful for others considering using their blog to promote a business, in terms of determining how much they’re likely to get out of it.

    • ltlibrarian

      June 3, 2016 at 8:49 AM

      I’m glad it helped! I agree with you, I see lots of people trying to monetize, but you have no idea if it’s working for them. I actually hesitated on posting it because I hadn’t made any money yet. I feel like a lot of people feel they need to be making a certain amount of money before they share these sorts of stats, but when you wait until you’re successful it’s unrealistic for people starting out. And when you look at something like Society6, the markup on everything that isn’t an art print gives you a profit of about $1-3 per purchase (set by Society6 and unchangeable), so I really wondered how people were doing with it.

      I’ll probably do another separate post specifically called my ‘financial report’ with more details about the graphics and setting things up soon!

      Thanks for visiting!


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