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New Six of Crows Products @ LT Librarian Apparel | Lunch-Time Librarian

NEW Six of Crows Products – LT Librarian Apparel

Six of Crows Products @ LT Librarian Apparel

Lunch-Time Librarian Apparel

Remember when I said there would be new designs every month? I didn’t count May since that’s when I opened and EVERYTHING in the shop was new. But I’ve gotten by butt in gear just before the end of June to bring 3 new Six of Crows themed designs. Two of the designs are in direct reference to the fantastic heist novel by Leigh Bardugo and the last one is a bookish phrase with some related graphics.

Character Sass

Six of Crows Character Sass

“When you just want to run a cool heist, but you gotta stop your rag-tag team from dying”

I wrestled with whether to do a single crow, or a murder of crows (how fun is that? murder of crows?), or exactly six crows. But in the end, that seemed like it might make for a weird busy shirt that’s perhaps too literal. I also just in general like to keep these designs (the sass ones) as minimalist as possible. The hope is that these particular designs appeal to the book lover that doesn’t necessarily want to shout “LOOK AT ME I LOVE BOOKS LOOK” from the top of their lungs. It also appeals to the hipster in me because even for someone who’s read the book it might take a minute to put things together. And perhaps that’s a terrible selling tactic? We’ll see…

Bookish Phrase

All My Favourite Characters Are Dead

“All My Favourite Characters Are Dead”

This is definitely a beloved design for me. I really love doing these bookish designs because it’s so fun to arrange the somewhat random graphics I find into a design that just comes together. Watercolour is so the thing right now and I’m happy with it. I can’t think of any particularly upsetting deaths in Six of Crows (and cross my fingers that Crooked Kingdom won’t change that) but the darker feeling of the book fit well with the phrase. And I mean, who doesn’t have a favourite character that’s dead? I won’t spoil… but let’s just say that most Harry Potter fans would probably agree with this shirt

Character Names

Six of Crows Character Names

“Brekker, Ghafa, Fahey, Van Eck, Zenik, Helvar”

Hey, look at that, I did end up putting six crows on a shirt  Okay, I’m done amusing myself. But this is the character name shirt for Six of Crows. And I made sure to put all the couples together. I briefly went Jesper and then Nina and was like “OMG NO HE HAS TO BE WITH… what’s his name again?” Then a Googled and remembered. It was a very involved and emotional experience. I put Mathias on the bottom because I like him the least. I mean, I still like him, but like less than everyone else. Mostly because he’s stubborn. We would butt heads.

And that’s all for new designs! For those of you who have been liking the Finacial Reports, I’m going to be posting the one for June as part of the monthly wrap-up on Thursday this week. And the next post in the “Can You Monetize a Book Blog?” series will be posted on Thursday the week after.

What books would you like to see themed apparel from?


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