Is BEA Pushing Book Bloggers Out? – Discussion Post

Is BEA Pushing Book Bloggers Out? As a relatively new book blogger, I had only heard about BEA (Book Expo America now being called Book Expo) last year.¬†For bloggers, the event seemed to be a great place to meet face-to-face… Continue Reading →

Girls with Low Self-Esteem: Overdone Trope or Realism? – Discussion Post

Girls with Low Self-Esteem: Overdone Trope or Realism? I don’t have any childhood memories of women or girls in books or movies that I aspired to be like. Sure, I had a favourite Spice Girl, but I didn’t want to… Continue Reading →

What makes a strong female character? – Discussion Post

As the next step in editing my novel, I recently acquired two critique partners. I know! I was amazed too. I managed to find not one, but two people willing to look through my manuscript while I looked at theirs…. Continue Reading →

How alike can a story be before it’s ‘copying’? – Discussion Post

*I don’t normally spell ’cause’ with a ‘z’, it was a typo I had a rather adult (read: not at all adult) conversation with my beta reader/real life friend about my novel. I’m kind of a huge nerd. And I’m… Continue Reading →

Romance in YA: Do we need it? – Discussion Post

The ‘perfect’ YA formula What are the components of a typical young adult novel? Of course, not all novels are built the same, but there are certain trends we notice the more and more we read from a certain genre…. Continue Reading →

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