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The prompt for this week’s TTT is: “Why I Love ‘x'” and so I decided what better avenue than to discuss why I love book blogging so much. And while I have never used such a strong word to describe my relationship with blogging, I clearly do love it. I mean, I pour money and hard work into a website that I don’t get paid to run. And I spend a lot of my free time working on it and enjoy it.

Five Reasons Why I Love Book Blogging…

Motivation to read



Last week I finally managed to get out to a real life book club. I know, right? Real life socialization? Me? Anyway, I was talking to some of the girls and mentioned reading one book a week and they were gobsmacked. In my mind, I read terribly slow. I know lots of bloggers that seem to be reading 3-4 books a week so one didn’t feel very impressive. But just ten or so months ago when I first started my blog I hadn’t read a book in at least a year. Not only did I not have the time for it, but I was lazy to bother. But now I see all the new cool looking books coming out and I have reviews to write, so I’m crazy motivated to read. I can confidently say that right now while book blogging I read more books at a faster rate than I ever did. Not including fanfiction, I read when I was a teen. Because if I’m honest I’ve probably read more fanfiction than books…

Being part of a community

making friends

People in my life do not read leisurely. They just don’t. And when they have the time to sit down with a book more often than not they either don’t finish or it’s a book I have no interest in reading. And so being part of the book blogging community has been a great way to discuss books with people who actually read the stuff I do. When I mention a book, people not only know it, they’ve read it too. Like, that’s kind of amazing? Anyone who has non-reading friends and family probably thinks it’s amazing too. And moreover, I love getting to know other bloggers through their writing. You get a real sense of someone’s personality and interests in a way that really makes it feel like a community vs. a bunch of people blogging about the same thing.

Making pretty website details and learning coding

giphy (2)

Before I even had the idea of a blog, I had an interest in learning to code and so I took some online classes at CodeAcademy which I am constantly thankful for. Only after I finished the classes did I become more interested in building my own website. Now that I have the book blog, I am constantly looking for new things to add to the website and making little fixes along the way. And I love how great this has been for my problem-solving skills. I can see something is the wrong colour on my homepage, check the coding, then go and edit the CSS to fix things. And I’m not like a crazy computer wiz or anything now, but I feel like I have a lot of control over my site. And I’ve also gotten better with using Adobe Illustrator and Canva to create appealing graphics for the site and social media.

Time well spent

giphy (3)

Before book blogging, I spent most of my free time sitting around on the couch watching TV. I would come home after work, crash, watch a couple episodes of a show, go to sleep, and repeat. And I suppose this works fine for some people but I felt very melancholy about it all. I don’t have a lot of people near me to be social with, and I felt sort of stuck in a rut. Once I started book blogging I had something to do that felt productive. I’m contributing to a community, I’m reading, I’m writing, I’m trying to take maybe not the best Instagram photos ever. But I’m doing something. I had something to talk about with people other than whatever show I happened to be watching. And I generally got more productive from there. I started working out and doing more crafts. Nowadays, I still watch TV when I get home, but I do it after exercising, cooking dinner, visiting family, and reading blog posts.

Inspiration to follow-through with ideas

I haven’t been blogging for terribly long, about nine months now, but a lot of things have changed. And it was small changes that grew over time. As I became more productive with my blog and created new content each week I realized that I could set a goal and follow-through. And so I made the decision to participate in NaNoWriMo, partially because people in the community were participating, and now I have a fully completed novel that I’m submitting to agents. I had always liked the idea of starting my online store, but would often give up before I reached any significant stage. But now I have a brand new bookish and book-themed apparel shop. Before I started book blogging I really couldn’t have imagined doing any of that. And sure I don’t have an agent or any impressive sales margins, but I actually stuck my neck out and tried. And I honestly don’t think I would have ever done either of those things if I wasn’t book blogging.


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Why do you love book blogging? Or just blogging in general?