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35 Thoughts While Reading The Rose and The Dagger | Lunch-Time Librarian

35 Thoughts While Reading The Rose And The Dagger – NO SPOILERS


This is the final book in the series, click to read the spoiler-free 58 Thoughts about the first book, The Wrath and The Dawn

NOTE: This review MAY contain spoilers for the first book ONLY

  • It’s weird that the opening quote is from one of the characters. But I like it
  • Oh okay this prologue is about Khalid when I know enough about him to love him, so I’ll allow it
  • I love how much they talk about food in this. Food is important. I would go to a buffet with food from these books and just pig out
  • Not that I’m missing them, but where are Tariq and Rahim right now?
  • She’s all about keeping her family safe now, but when he was at the palace she barely talked about them. Like maybe get your king lover to look out for them?
  • You tell him Khalid! Doling out some truth for Jalal, who honestly is being kind of an emotional mess right now
  • There doesn’t seem to be any punishment for telling people the truth about this curse thing. I’m starting to wonder why Khalid wouldn’t just tell the people his secret right from the beginning. What is stopping him? This seems like a really big plot hole.

plot holes

  • I can’t like Tariq. I know at some point I’m meant to, but every time he shows up I have to fight not to roll my eyes. He’s like that friend you have that screws everything up and none of your friends like but you have to hang out with him because he’s your cousin. And like, you gotta be nice to family.
  • Omg Shazi’s dad continues to be completely crazy. I mean, I understand why he is but he’s driving ME crazy with it
  • Awwww I love the Rajput so much. Strong, silent and somewhat sensitive
  • Now that Rahim has a possible love interest I’ve gained some interest in him. That might be terrible but I don’t even care
  • I hate when my favourite characters fight each other. I just want everyone to be happy and get along. Though I suspect that would make for a terrible book. But I don’t know, I’m not an author (yet).
  • I CAN SHOW YOU THE WORLLLDDDDDD SHINING SHIMMERING SPLENDORRR tell me Calipha now when did you last let your heart decide? Okay. I’m done now. But know that, that was a very appropriate moment for that
  • A WHOLE NEW WORRRLLLDDDD. Okay that’s it for real. I’m gonna sing the whole song in my head for this scene though

a whole new world

  • Finally, we’re back to focusing on the magic. And we’re not focusing on crazy paternal magic either
  • Storytime! I love these little stories weaved in. I adore folklore additions in fantasy, it just helps the world building along
  • Every romance scene in these books is so extra romantic. I have to stop myself from squealing in public.
  • Maybe I should start telling my boyfriend stories before we go to sleep. I’m not sure he would enjoy that. But it might put him to sleep faster. And I would enjoy it and that’s basically the point.
  • Oh Jahandar. I want to pity you, but then you also frustrate the shit out of me
  • The description of Artan makes me think of Aang from The Last Airbender. But like if he only controlled fire. Instead of all the elements.
  • I don’t know what it says about me that I like Khalid so much. He’s mopey, has a quick temper, violent, at least somewhat emotionally stunted. But then he’s occasionally super romantic. And I guess in an indirect way he’s a murderer. Hm…
  • Woah what? Where did this magic protecting her from the cold thing come from?
  • And now there’s a magic flying serpent with a boy on his back. Can I just say this is clearly a throwback to The Neverending Story? No? Not buying it?

neverending story

  • I’ve clearly been scarred by other books. Every time there’s a younger sister around I get worried that she’ll die. It’s too high stress. Everytime Irsa shows up I’m like “please don’t die”
  • Okay, Rahim, you did it. You grew on me. I like you now. I didn’t think it was possible, but you’ve gotten adorable. But not Tariq. Tariq can go to hell
  • OMGGGG BETRAYYYYAAALLLLLLLLLLLLL. I did not expect this. I am not prepared for this. The sting of it is so fresh. I trusted youuuuuu 
  • Damn straight Shazi’s not an object to be retrieved. Oh Kahlid, this is why you’re the best. I’m going to dub you as a feminist male character. Though all that murdering of women beforehand kind of negates that… but we’ll just ignore that, shall we?
  • On a plane and nearly outright crying. Had to take a break to hold the tears in. Also had to get a Kleenex from my purse. The man next to me offered to hold my trash. He must think I’m in terrible distress. AND I AM.
airplane partner

My seat partner. But like, he’s roughly 50 years old so he’s even more distressed

  • Omg I can’t stop tearing up. Really wish I was alone so I could just full on cry like this situation warrants
  • And now a double cross! Possibly. I don’t know, I’m just happy to focus on something else so I don’t keep worrying the guy beside me by crying continuously
  • Sigh. Now I’m on a roll with the crying. Everything I read makes me tear up. I’m not prepared for this much emotion
  • I’m worried that we haven’t seen Reza in awhile…
  • Tearing up again. I am the most emotional person on this flight right now
  • And it’s over. I love happy endings. Or mostly happy anyways…

I have some final thoughts on this one. My final thoughts are Shazi and Khalid are adorable, I cannot stand Tariq, Rahim and Irsa grew on me, and I’m not sure about the point of pretty much every other character. Especially the adults who seemed to disappear when convenient and reappear when you forget about them.

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Have you read The Rose and The Dagger? What did you think?


Is it on your TBR? Why or why not? 


  • Mara @ Mara Was Here

    June 10, 2016 at 6:43 AM

    I liked reading TRATD, though I think I loved TWATD more. >.< I don't know why. I guess I was expecting a much more intense battle scene? Or more magic? Or more flying carpet exposure? OR *THAT PERSON* NOT DYING?!??

    Also, I think one of the things that turned me off the most in TRATD is the ending… Everything seemed really rushed and I was just skimming everything and going all "Wait WTF is going on." It was too sweet and HEA-ish that it didn't fit my tastes. :'(

    And again, I LOVED this post! Your thoughts somehow amuse me… Is that weird? I hope it's not weird. *hides in a hole*

    • ltlibrarian

      June 10, 2016 at 10:08 AM

      I definitely think TWATD was the superior of the two for that very reason. There were so many expectations going into the second book and a bunch of them weren’t met.

      The ending just fell flat. It built you up for something really big and then didn’t deliver on it. I love duologies, but I think this is one of those time where maybe it did need to be a trilogy so it could explore all those magic elements.

      Yay! It might be weird but I like it 😉

  • Tasya

    June 2, 2016 at 12:39 AM

    ooh i love this post! the curse somehow works in the #1 book (even though it also has its plot holes) but it just weird in this book! so many things unexplained like why he doesn’t tell everyone, why does it has to be girls, etc. and tariq IS SO ANNOYING. I BLAME HIM FOR EVERY DEATH AND ACCIDENT. and i totally relate to your with a whole new world song, because i literally just sing it outloud out of nowhere (with the moves) that my family thinks i’m crazy XD and that dean’s gif is just perfect XD

    • ltlibrarian

      June 2, 2016 at 9:16 AM

      That was my biggest problem! I thought there was some sort of clause that prevented him from telling people, but then Shazi went around telling people, and he told her no problem. I was like “why wouldn’t you just tell everyone?”

      OMG Right? Tariq is a legit jinx. And even worse is that he doesn’t even admit to himself how terrible he is.

      We’re clearly just musical people. You just keep on singing no matter who thinks you’re crazy!

  • Sanovia @ Creatyvebooks

    May 29, 2016 at 11:53 AM

    I just absolutely love this. And I know which part you were crying about and I didn’t like that the author did. I mean why make us fall in love with said character and then do that. So wrong. I two gave it 3 stars. Just wish it was more magic and the ending was a little meh for.

    Great post!

    • ltlibrarian

      May 29, 2016 at 2:47 PM

      I didn’t like it either honestly. I think sometimes authors feel pressured to do certain things in a novel. But I’ve always found that there are lots of ways to make readers feel moved/grief in a novel without necessarily doing what she did. But you def needed to fall in love with them, cause honestly in the first book I couldn’t have cared less about them.

      Yeah, it was more of a political stand off than a big battle so it didn’t make as much of an impact, I felt.

  • Resh Susan

    May 29, 2016 at 11:11 AM

    I did a quick skim through. Hopefully I didnt read any spoilers as I havent read the first book. Glad to know there are parts you loved even though there were some you didnt enjoy so much

    • ltlibrarian

      May 29, 2016 at 2:44 PM

      I was pretty sure there weren’t any spoilers for the first book, but just in case I put the little warning in.

      I did generally enjoy the novel, but yeah, there were some bits that felt unnecessary or seemed to drag in ways that it didn’t in the first book


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