Lunch-Time Librarian is about fun and personable book reviews, recommendation, and discussions. Plus some bits about creative writing.

I’ll admit, I’m not a fan of the long book review. So I try and shorten things up and make them fun.

But in the end, this blog is about connecting with other readers and writers so we can have great discussions and make fun connections. I LOVE to live tweet when I’m reading and would be happy to chat! I’m sure it would also make my boyfriend happy if I could speculate with people who read the book instead of pushing all my wild theories on him.

About Liselle (aka the blogger)

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I’ve always loved to read, but I admit that I haven’t always made time for it. I spent a lot of time with books when I was younger, but once I started university I couldn’t find the time for it. I was being as social as I had ever been (meaning I actually socialized) on top of working part-time and going to school. When I had a spare moment all I wanted to do was space out in front of my computer. But it was easy to find reading time during lunch. With no TV to distract me, I would spend my 30-minute breaks at work huddled in a corner reading snippets of e-books off my phone.

Once I finished school and started working full-time I had more free time. I work longer days now, but I have lunchtime and after work I’m free as a bird. Or so I thought. My afternoons are often wrought with running around doing errands or working on my latest DIY project, or (now that I’m more into fitness) cooking healthy meals or lifting weights, but I do my best to reserve lunches for reading.

You can connect with me via twitter @lunchtimelib 

Please refer to my review policy if you would like to ask me to review a title. 

Let’s Do Lunch!

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