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Lunch-Time Librarian is about fun and personable book reviews, round-ups of great books to read, inspirational quotes, and creative writing tips (see my “Nuts for NaNo” series for more on this). Not everyone has time to read a long review and so I have separated mine into small chunks. This makes it easy to see what’s great about the book, and what’s not so great about it. I also make sure to give readers a quick link to buy the book or add it to their GoodReads for later. My goal is to make it quick and easy to pick a book and then create a forum for discussing the book when you’re done. Or discuss while you’re still reading. I LOVE to live tweet when I’m reading and would be happy to chat! I’m sure it would also make my boyfriend happy if I could speculate with people who read the book instead of pushing all my wild theories on him.

Liselle @ Lunch-Time Librarian - Donut Floatie

Went camping with my BF and his family, I can’t swim so he bought this for me 🙂

About Liselle (aka the blogger)

I’ve always loved to read, but I admit that I haven’t always made time for it. I spent a lot of time with books when I was younger, but once I started university I couldn’t find the time for it. I was being as social as I had ever been (meaning I actually socialized) on top of working part-time and going to school. When I had a spare moment all I wanted to do was space out in front of my computer. But it was easy to find reading time during lunch. With no TV to distract me, I would spend my 30-minute breaks at work huddled in a corner reading snippets of e-books off my phone.

Liselle @ Lunch-Time LibrarianOnce I finished school and started working full-time I had more free time. I work longer days now, but I have lunchtime and after work I’m free as a bird. Or so I thought. My afternoons are often wrought with running around doing errands or working on my latest DIY project, or (now that I’m more into fitness) running or doing a Blogilates video, but I reserve lunches for reading. I read a book a week, which I used to think wasn’t that much, but at an hour of reading 5 days a week, isn’t too shabby! And it shows that even just taking a bit of time, you can find the time to read too.

It can be hard to find the time to read, but once you get into a book there’s no escaping. I want to minimize the time you spend searching for the perfect book and make your pick easy. Then we can spend some time gushing and/or raging about it! Or discussing something book related or just chat about whatever!





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