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Gabriel Garcia Marquez Quote

Gabriel Garcia Marquez Quote – Thursday Quote Day

It’s Thursday again! Which means a new quote up for discussion. This week I’ve chosen a quote from Gabriel Garcia Marquez, who is a brilliant author with a great talent for magical realism. If you have never read a magical realism book before I highly recommend it. One way to think about it, is if you were walking down the street and a lady next to you was overcome by spontaneous combustion. In a fantasy book there would be a complicated, but explainable reason for this, which the book would explore. In magical realism, people might be shocked or confused, but it would be marked as a strange phenomenon and people would move on. Also, it would be in the exact world we live in now. It’s the practice of adding magical/fantasy elements to a novel often to present symbols/metaphors etc. in a different way. The point is, magical realism is very cool and Marquez is a pro at it, just check out 100 Years of Solitude and you’ll know.

Back to the quote! What I get from this quote is the idea that it’s not the events themselves that shape our lives, but rather what we take away from those. Which is so true if you think about the way a single event can affect people in all different ways. The example that comes to my mind is being raised in a single parent household. I was raised by my mom and I find that I’ve had a very different experience from other people in the same situation. Obviously there are lots of other factors, but it’s an interesting thing to look at. Even something as simple at the difference between what you thought of high school and what your friends thought.

Anddd to link this back to current events, let’s talk about NaNoWriMo. The month is coming to an end, and lots of us our getting close to the end of our novels, so it seems like a good time to get positive. Whether you’re nearly done your 30 day novel, or nowhere near finishing, it’s what you take away that’s going to shape your experience. If you get down on yourself you’re not going to feel good about how far you’ve come and the things you have accomplished. I think it would be great to take time today to think about all the things you’re proud of doing so far. Maybe it’s a great opening line, or setting a fantastic writing routine, or a character you love. Compliment yourself! It’s in your head so no one can all you self-absorbed 

What are you proud of doing this week? Or this month? Let me know!


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