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L. Frank Baum Quote | Thursday Quote Day | Lunch-Time Librarian

L. Frank Baum Quote – Thursday Quote Day

It’s Thursday Quote Day! This week is a L. Frank Baum Quote from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. For this month’s quote I wanted something that was about perseverance and pushing forwards. It can sometimes be hard to keep going, especially when you can’t see where you’ll end up. And certainly, you’ll get somewhere, but beyond the quote, what’s important is getting to the place you want to be. And if you keep going, you can get there. Or at least, this is the hope.

In a new sort of twist to Thursday Quote Day, I’ll also be using it to share some interesting links and give you all an update about what’s going on in my life, if you feel like knowing about it.

Links and Updates


I have finally (finally!!) started to use Buffer the way it’s meant to be used, and I’m seeing good results. I pay $10 USD a month for the service, and it’s not only how I schedule social media for my posts, it’s also how I schedule my daily social media. Before adding in tweets used to feel like something of a chore, but it’s easier now. While I’m reading, instead of tweeting right away, now I tweet and schedule it to go out at intervals. This has let to more regular tweets and I’m seeing great results as I now have 77 followers. And I know this isn’t a TON, but it feels like just yesterday I was celebrating having 50, so I’m feeling good about it.

I’m been experimenting with the Facebook boost post feature to see if it helps with increasing the engagement with the website Facebook page. I’ve done this with 2 posts, only spending $17 CAD for both. So I didn’t think this was making much, if any, of a difference, especially because I don’t post much on Facebook. Butttttt I just looked at my site stats and apparently Facebook is my #2 referrer source. I’ll have to do some more investigating of this…


I hired someone to critique the first 50 pages of my manuscript at Manuscript Critique Services. I’ve gotten very invested in my dream of having representation and getting my novel published, and I honestly just knew I needed the help. But, of course I also have a budget. I chose this company because they had a number of service packages and were completely transparent about cost. With a first contact you’re unlikely to send more than 50 pages to an agent, so I think it will be enough help to get my foot in the door. I’ll post a review of the service once it’s finished.

#mswl is so insanely helpful. It stands for ‘manuscript wish list’ and if you’re researching literary agents it is beyond helpful. What I’ve found while researching agents is that a lot of them have website bios that don’t explicitly state what kind of novel they’re looking for. Accepts YA fantasy is just not enough to know if you’ll like my book. But when agents quote with this hashtag they tend to be more specific which is fantastic.


I’m currently burning through Winter, the last book of The Lunar Chronicles and am making decisions for what to read next. I think I’ll be getting to Liane Moriarty’s The Husband’s Secret. Which I’m hoping is more of a subtle secret that The Widow‘s husband’s secret. The story is about a woman who finds a letter her husband hid to be revealed upon his death, but she finds it while he’s still alive. DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNNNNN. What will it be? Murder? Cheating? Weird sexual fetish? I’ll be finding out soon.

Have you seen the Miss Peregrine’s trailer?? I have so many questions and thoughts. Like WTF is going on with Emma? I mean, I’ll watch this movie no matter what and I love Ransom Riggs, and it’s Tim Burton and if Tim Burton says that your main character now has a completely different peculiarity you just nod and go with it because it’s Tim Burton. But still! And I might be just a tad sore about the actor playing Jake. But not every actor in a YA adaptation can be Dylan O’Brien. Even though that’s an amazing idea and I believe in Dylan’s ability to play them all.

I died reading this tweet , so obviously I had to share. Trailer below!




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